A colourful weekly shop on a chilly Sunday

Market - February 24 Brrrhh, it was chilly in the local market this morning, with snow flurries. Very few stallholders and not many more customers – most of them were crowded into the café (thank goodness it is non-smoking these days).

IMG_1307So with the freezing temperatures there wasn’t much sign of spring, apart from some cheerful sprigs of mimosa on the charcuterie stall.

I still managed to come back with several goodies though :-

  • a lovely huge bunch of watercress
  • two rounds of fresh cabecou goats cheese
  • A huge slice of pumpkin for less than 1 euro
  • rich red and orange carrots, bought directly from the organic grower
  • a delicate bunch of slim leeks
  • a brimming bag-full of spinach leaves
  • an interesting collection of knobbly jerusalem artichokes

_MG_3238-2 _MG_3243 _MG_3249 _MG_3253

Added to the celery, cauliflower, fennel and mushrooms from the grocery store, this gives us a good range of colourful, nutritious veggies for this week.


For fruit this week I have local French Braeburn apples, Comice pears, pomegranate and kiwi fruit, together with some imported sunshine – a pineapple from Africa, bananas from the Windward Islands, satsumas from Spain and pink grapefruit from Florida.


All I have to do now is prepare all the meals for our 5:2 way of eating and enjoy!